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Flexible plans for every school size and need

Use Ynot’s lead management tools to give your sales force a better experience while effectively providing solutions to your school, whether you are a small private school or a larger college or university.


Great for smaller schools

What's included:

✔ Contact Manager

✔ Lead Management

✔ Auto Assignment Leads

✔ Unlimited lead records 

✔ Enrollment Workflows and Automation

✔ Rep Task Management

✔ Daily Activity Calendar

✔ Email Marketing

✔ Email Blasts

✔  Tracking Phone Numbers

✔ Dynamic FPIs

✔ Basic Reporting

✔ Reports and Analytics


Great for mid-size schools

What's included:

✔ Includes everything in Startup

✔ Email Builder

✔ Drip Email Campaigns

✔ Speed-to-Lead Calling and Automation

✔ Speed-to-Lead Text Messaging

✔ Call Recordings

✔ Power Dialer

✔ Call Center Campaigns / Auto Pilot

✔ 2-Way SMS/MMS Custom Fields

✔ Custom Fields

✔ Outbound & Inbound Calling

✔ Third-party Integrations

✔ Custom Reporting


Great for large schools

What's included:

✔ Everything on Growth plan

✔ On-going Managed Support

✔ Custom Reports, Managed

✔ Form Integration Support

✔ In-App Support

✔ Custom Phone Routing

✔ Call Recording Storage

✔ Custom Workflow & Triggers

✔ Custom Integrations (hourly charges apply)

✔ Dedicated Account Manager

✔ Call Tracking

✔ Custom SMTP Email

✔ Training Schedule

Need a custom plan for your team?

Sometimes you may have specific requirements and that’s ok 🙂
We can work with you on something that fits your needs.


Don’t take our word for it
We value the opinions of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any question?

We are more than willing to answer them.

We do. Please review our pricing page to see what plan fits your requirements the most. We are always ready to help whenever we can. We see ourselves as an extension of your team.

Yes, you can purchase local and toll free numbers. We can also port existing numbers from your current provider to our platform as well.

Yes. we would love to talk to you about your goals and put together something that can work for your use case.

Yes, Ynot monitors potential attacks with several tools, including a web application firewall and network-level firewalling. In addition, the Ynot platform has end to end encryption to secure contact information.