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How Ynot Helps Schools Grow Enrollments and Improve Yield

Higher Ed Marketing and Enrollment Tips Below Ynot’s Higher Ed CRM Will Help

Higher Ed Marketing and Enrollment Tips Below

Ynot’s Higher Ed CRM Will Help to Solve Your Biggest Enrollment Challenges

So, you can focus on what you do best, educating students. Ynot offers easy-to-use Marketing and Admissions automation allowing you to personalize each student’s enrollment experience while offering consistent follow-up with less effort required by your team.

Check out the video below to get some amazing tips on how to grow more enrollments.  It’s so nice to virtually meet you. I’m Renee. Please introduce yourself by replying back to this email.

20-Year Higher Ed Marketing Expert Reveals:

Top ways to Lower your Cost-per-Start, Improve Conversions, and Enroll more Students with Less

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Your Reps are Wasting 41% of their Time on Tasks You Can Automate

Research shows that knowledge workers spend a good chunk of their time (41 percent, to be exact) on discretionary activities that offer little in the way of personal satisfaction and could easily be delegated.

Find out how Ynot CRM can free up your team to have more meaningful conversations with prospective students by automating more of their tasks and communications.

With marketing automation, it won’t matter what day or time the inquiry is created; Friday night, no problem. Ynot’s marketing automation kicks in and starts your communication sequence to get the prospective student ready to speak with someone on Monday morning.

Use automation to get leads more enrollment ready when they do speak with a Rep. Set prospects up on a lead nurturing cadence to build value for your college by communicating what makes your school unique. Share your brand story.

How can colleges get 98% open rates on their communications?

98 percent open rate CRM
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Not ready to schedule a demo? That’s ok! Check out this 12-minute video about YnotMost of the video is filled with enrollment strategy tipsyou are sure to get some actionable insights out of it.

The recent data around the effectiveness of SMS/MMS marketing compared to email marketing is extraordinary.

And, yes, text messages consistently have a 98% open rate. Why not send videos and images along with just your plain text messages? Check out the blog post to get more examples of MMS.

Recent research shows that mobile messaging drives 10x more revenue than email per message and email marketing performance has dropped 47% over the past 5 years!

When you think about it, it seems to make sense though. Most inboxes are flooded with email campaigns and marketing material that is often overlooked and ignored. However, a text message is different.

Find out how we can help your college tell its story, differentiate, and enroll more students using Ynot. Reply back to this email with your questions or you can schedule a 30-minute demo. And, Ynot does so much more.

How Can Colleges Break Through the Marketing Clutter and Differentiate?

CRM to breakthrough marketing clutter

Check out these videos from Iowa State University Admissions’ YouTube Channel.

What if your college created similar videos and then put them to a communication sequence and inspired students throughout their enrollment experience?

If done right, you can increase yield, grow enrollments, and reduce your CPS.

I am not sure if Iowa is using these videos in a communication sequence, but if the school is not using them, Iowa State should be. I am only using Iowa as an example. I could have picked any school.

Iowa has some great content on YouTube, but each video has low viewership, which makes me think that prospective students have to stumble upon these videos.

What if Iowa sent these videos out by email and text message as a part of an enrollment sequence?

These videos produced by Iowa State are outstanding and I personally want to enroll in Iowa State University after watching them.

Iowa’s channel is one we can all aspire to do. BUT, if most students do not see these videos, then they were not especially effective?

It is important to create outstanding videos AND use them in your communication strategy –effectively.

If text messaging has a 98% open rate, then you need to send out some of these videos through text messaging to ensure they are being seen along with the right enrollment focused messages.

Let Ynot CRM help you Patch your Leaky Enrollment Bucket

Never lose track of an inquiry again. All leads automatically going into Ynot CRM and receive a personalized enrollment experience.

Fix your Schools marketing budget

During our demo, we can discuss how to plug your enrollment leaky bucket, and…

  • Why colleges should consider adjusting their enrollment strategy to include lead nurturing, drip campaigns, SMS/MMS, use how to use a phone dialer to grow enrollments?
  • The importance of creating a website experience and follow-up automation.
  • How to use technology to improve your enrollment experience?
  • Find out if speed-to-lead is still important.
  • How to use technology to create a personalized experience?
  • How technology can help you differentiate your college and tell your brand story?

Happy to help.

Reply back to this email with your questions or you can schedule a 30-minute demo.

Check out this 1-minute VIDEO discussing what we will cover during our demo, so you check it out before committing your time.

Be sure to visit our blog. The blog is loaded with
Higher Ed Insights and Best Practices

Request Demo with Ynot

Not ready to schedule a demo? That’s ok! Check out this 12-minute video about Ynot. Most of the video is filled with enrollment strategy tips, you are sure to get some actionable insights out of it.

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