Ynot One Technology Solutions

  1. Growth starts with Ynot!

Build your enrollment with our affordable, cloud-based Marketing and Admissions software solution.

  1. Ynot was Built for Schools

Ynot’s many features were developed with your school’s operation in mind.

  1. Drive Admissions Results
  • Automate Admissions workflows
  • Increase productivity through call campaigns
  • Manage Appointments
  1. Increase Admissions Contact Rates

Reach your Prospective Students where they want to reach you …Call – Email – Text – Chat

  1. Effective Admissions reporting

Measure Conversion rates, Daily Activity, Speed to Lead and more!

  1. Optimize your Marketing

See how your marketing is working to maximize your desired enrollment outcomes.

  1. Marketing Campaign Planning and Budgeting
  • Develop marketing campaigns
  • Forecast lead flow
  • Pull real-time spends from Google and Facebook
  1. Purchase Tracking Phone Numbers for Marketing
  • Ensure accurate campaign attribution
  • Record calls for training and compliance purposes
  • Monitor and validate lead flow from phone calls
  1. Reduce Technology Costs 

Ynot is very affordable with per User charges as low as $45

  1. Customize your Ynot Technology

No two schools are alike! Ynot is highly flexible and highly customizable by User and by School.

  1. Integrate Other Technology Applications

 Ynot integrates with hundreds of other applications through our Third-Party connectors

  1. Let Ynot! help you grow your school!

Learn more at www.ynotone.com